Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is A Graphic Website Better Than A Text Only Site?

Is it better to have less graphics or more like this Vail Furniture Site?  We have found that more graphics is usually better these days.  Having more graphics including pictures and videos draws the attention of the visitor in to the website.  Just having text is a thing of the past so the more pictures and videos the better as long as they load quick.  Also if you can have more interactivity on your site where visitors can actually get involved the better as well.
The site above is a beautiful creation by a web developer who obviously cared about the look and feel
of the site.  As a result if it can be marketed correctly it will produce for the customer.  Now all that is needed are visitors.  With so many websites created these days it is necessary to have a well constructed site that has a great  look and feel.  If you get a basic site with text only well then you might as well go to an article directory and write one yourself because that is all the site really is anyway.
Our marketing professionals always recommend more graphics to a website.  Graphics to a website are like yeast to bread, "it raises the dough".  Just make sure the graphics make sense and are related to the content of the site.  We don't want graphic overload either because then you have people leaving the site.  So have fun and go create a beautiful website today.