Friday, February 10, 2017

Sites That Might Need A Facelift

There have been many changes to the web in just a few short years.  Remembering back to the 90's all the text only websites, that had no graphics at all which made people not want to search as much as in 2017 and beyond.  Now with video, pictures, and social media, the web has become a place where many spend hours and hours every day.  Some websites like wait gutters and bend Oregon plumber might need to be brought into 2017, however, it doesn't always mean its a good idea.

Some of the oldest ugliest websites, out pull newer more creative websites by a long shot.  Only the business owner and the marketing professional know how well the site is pulling new business.  Sometimes it can be a good idea to leave good enough alone.  Then, when we see a newer site like veterans plumbing which may not do well at all, compared to dry ice Louisville with great photos of before and after makes us realize there are so many variables to how a site really works.

Your site may not need a facelift if it is working for you, however, sometimes it can be a good idea like this design x hair and  bend custom home builder did.  With photos and video really changing the web every day it can be a good idea to integrate them into your website.  There are a lot of options to create a newer more advanced website with video and photos, but if your site is working well you may just want to let good be.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Should You Include Social Media On Web Pages?

I don't think having social media on a website is even up for debate anymore.  Of course, you should include any and all social media that your business participates in.  Here is a company 911 plumbing and I cannot find any social media.  On the other hand, I find a bend custom home builder with social media at the bottom of the page.  Of course, I believe that finding a place nearer the top would be better it is still good that it included on the main page.

Here is an example for Bend heating that there is only one Facebook link.  More social media would only help this business in his local market.  Here is yet another example of an Aliso Viejo carpet cleaner who has no social media on his or hers website.  The more the better in this day and age because of all the reviews you can gain.  Consumers look at those reviews and make decisions based on those reviews.

Here are some to look at that have social media:

Burbank Salon
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Here are some without social media:

Capital Fence
Daves Chain Link Fencing
dry ice Louisville

Get all the social media on your website possible.  It will only help your business.