Monday, February 28, 2011

AWeber VS IContact

AWeber has been around for a while but iContact seems to be an easier software program to work on.  AWeber has more graphic oriented templates for emails and blog forms but it can take some time to learn.  If you are looking for an easier way to handle your email campaigns and want to find something simple then I would recommend iContact over AWeber.  The Staff at iContact is always there to handle your phone calls but AWeber can sometimes be difficult to actually talk to a human.  iContact has a trial period where you can test drive the email services they provide while AWeber does not.  There are many other companies that provide these services as well and we have test driven almost all the major ones and have found that the iContact is the most user friendly service available.  The email delivery is also the highest in the industry.  Even more affordable and simple to use as well would be a simple email campaign.  What ever you choose make sure you use a simple program so you actually use it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Your Business Prepared For Local Search?

Local Search is all around us now and is one of the fastest growing segments on the internet.  Many businesses are not aware of this and how to create a local marketing effort on line.  There are many different strategies and opportunities when it comes to local search.  The thing every business needs to be concerned with is how to be found on the internet locally instead of the old traditional way of just being listed in the phone directory.
Some companies choose to do a local site to capture those local leads.  Here is an example of auto insurance in Tacoma Washington doing a specific local website.  This is one example of targeting local traffic or a business can just pay for search engine optimization for one site.  If a business chooses to do both then even better.  The more opportunities to capture a local customer the better.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Template Website Vs Custom Website?

The question becomes whether or not a template site is better to use vs a custom made website by a developer.  The answer is that it depends on what you are going to use the website for.  If you just need some exposure on the net and a place for customers to go to get your phone number and some information about your business then I would say to do it yourself where they have a small business website builder.
     If you don't have time to deal with learning html code and graphics software but would like to have something represent your site well then you need to look to a professional web design firm.  There are many firms out there but you should look for a company that does marketing as well as web design.  The two should go together but sometimes don't.  Most of the time you will just get a nice looking website but there is much more to it than that only.  What good is a nice looking website that doesn't get any visitors?
Visitors are to a website like yeast is to bread.  It raises the dough.
Marketing is almost more important than the website itself much of the time.  Although the marketing needs to start at the foundation which is the website itself.  therefore, everything in the website project is important and needs to be addressed properly.  With one piece of the puzzle missing then everything is lost and must be refinished.  You might as well start over if you don't get it right with your image and marketing.

Website Automation

Nowadays you'd probably locate many net hosting reseller automation equipment for your customers. These automation resources are really essential for including worth towards the reseller provider and with which you are able to appeal to additional customers to your website. A few of these resources are:
Account Management Instrument: This instrument would assist the customers to manage their accounts. For those who install this automation instrument within your reseller account then you definitely can minimize the quantity of employees wanted to run the reseller solutions. With this particular tool the customers can retrieve their passwords, alter their individual information, cancel, upgrade or downgrade their internet hosting programs and add or drop websites.
 Web-site Statistics: Internet site Statistics is another significant automation tool because the customers would know clearly what number of hits their internet sites are obtaining and also it lets the customers know after they are ending the bandwidth sum allotted to them for your month too because the optimum disk room the customers can use.
Spam and e mail tool: With the enablement of this device that's a desktop software the resellers can continue to keep let customers stick to them. It'll assist the customers edit, manage, delete or add their electronic mail addresses and in addition delimit their accessibility rights in accordance towards the e-mail they are provided.
File management: This tool would assist your customers to upload their files in your server. You can both provide them with the FTP or some other web primarily based software package. Before offering the equipment often seek to put into action each of the factors the consumer would need.
HTML editor: This instrument would include varieties of prices and characteristics. On the list of editor is Notepad along with the other editors are WYSIWYG, Flash, hotkeys, resource editing and scripting editors.
 Website Builder Wizard: This device would support your customers with several kinds of instruments and graphics so that they are able to add style sheets, website blogs, discussion boards, searching carts and promotion management equipment.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Posting A Blog On Blogger

So far it is easy for a new internet marketer to go into Google's Blogger and start to blog on whatever they choose.  I have even pointed a custom domain to the Blogger domain which they recently allowed users to do.  I am at the point of getting everything up and going on Blogger/Blogspot and I will keep you posted on the success.