Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make Money With Google Adsense

Stop dreaming about making money from the Internet and start doing it today.  Google AdSense is just one
way to start earning money on the world wide web.  There are many other programs like AdSense on the market but Googles AdSense has the most advertisers which makes it more relevant when you are looking for ads that fit your websites content.  So create a site and put on some AdSense.  Just maybe you can pay for something you want and don't have the money for.  Maybe you could even one day leave your job.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are You Ready For Video In Your Website?

Video is exploding as we all are aware or should be.  Before we think about doing it we should ask why?  First of all there are only two reasons people watch video.  One is for entertainment and the other is for information and that's it.  Mount Lake Terrace Auto Insurance is a great example of a insurance company doing an entertainment video on information on how to get low cost insurance for your auto. 
The value of doing a video like these for the auto insurance company is that they do so many they are building an audience and over time they can convert that audience into revenue.  Things to think about are the length of the video, type of ad (entertainment or information), and how you want the audience to view your business image. 
When your distributing your video it is important to put it on as many platforms as possible like the obvious You Tube, Hulu, AOL, Yahoo, and of course countless others.  It's been well known that video content is becoming the king of kings for web content.  That being said make sure you are standing on high ground when the huge wave crashes a shore. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Facebook Ads Are Getting Expensive Aren't They?

Now that the word is out that Facebook ads were cheap compared to Google ad words things have changed.  Recently it has come to our attention that the ads on Facebook have shot up quite a bit and I think its because the secret is out.  Its amazing how fast the prices have changed on Facebook once people have realized what a great marketing opportunity it is.  Obviously it is an advertising medium never seen before in human history but like everything else it will be for the large companies with huge budgets to market.
Google ad words are now sometimes less expensive than the Facebook but you have to realize they offer two different ways to advertise.  With Google ad words the can be more directionally targeted when someone actually wants to buy something.  However, with Facebook it is more creative marketing just getting your brand seen by the masses in certain market segments.  You can choose ages, likes or dislikes, and many other things but you don't know if they are looking for your product or service.  Depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing efforts they can be extremely valuable if you have the budget.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is Online Advertising For You?

The first thing I have to say is that you never will know until you give it a try.  There are so many different ways to earn money on the internet that you can be like a deer stuck in the headlights and never do anything.  Whatever your business or passion is you need to give it a try and start a blog or a website with what ever knowledge you have to offer the world.  Everyone has some kind of knowledge or passion to give back to the world and now is your chance with the world wide web.  You may even change a life with what you have to give.
If your a couch potato then you know more about being lazy than most people and believe it or not there is someone out there who wants to know about it.  If you like your jacuzzi you could do a review about them and there are people out there who would like to know your thoughts.  These are silly examples but strange as it may seem there are may people out there who have made lots of money sharing their ridiculous ideas.
Either way you need to start with a website so don't delay and start writing because there is someone out there who wants what you have.

Monday, March 7, 2011

One Site Or Many Micro sites?

The question that many business owners ask themselves is should I have only one website for my many locations or should I have one website or micro site for each location.  We think the best way to handle this is to do a website for each location.  Like auto insurance in Bremerton, or auto insurance in Lynnwood, or auto insurance in West Seattle, or auto insurance in Bellevue, or auto insurance in Gresham these sites are all micro sites off the companies main website.  It makes sense to do a website for each location vs one site for all locations.  Having a site for every location will attract much more visitors and all the websites will benefit the others.  With only one website it can be difficult to cultivate more visitors with each area served and much more pay per click advertising is needed at a higher cost than doing micro sites.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get Response Vs AWeber Auto Responders

We have tried both services and agree that there are less difficult software programs on the market.  However, the graphics for your emails and forms are nice looking if that is important to you.  Be careful when signing up with Get Response as they will not give you a refund if you are not satisfied with the service.  AWeber, however, will refund your money if you are not happy with their email contact management program.  That being said we found that both email programs have a learning curve associated with them.
We found iContact to be the easiest and most simple to use for a beginner.  iContact doesn't have the graphic email forms but you may not need or want it to be that way.  A simple opt in form from iContact can sometimes work better anyway.  The delivery is the best with iContact which is the most important thing to look at when it comes to your email campaigns.  Also, if it is too difficult then you may not use it the way you would like to.  Save yourself a lot of time and head aches and go with a simple email contact system.