Monday, March 7, 2011

One Site Or Many Micro sites?

The question that many business owners ask themselves is should I have only one website for my many locations or should I have one website or micro site for each location.  We think the best way to handle this is to do a website for each location.  Like auto insurance in Bremerton, or auto insurance in Lynnwood, or auto insurance in West Seattle, or auto insurance in Bellevue, or auto insurance in Gresham these sites are all micro sites off the companies main website.  It makes sense to do a website for each location vs one site for all locations.  Having a site for every location will attract much more visitors and all the websites will benefit the others.  With only one website it can be difficult to cultivate more visitors with each area served and much more pay per click advertising is needed at a higher cost than doing micro sites.

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