Monday, January 23, 2012

Big City Vs Small Town Marketing

The difference in marketing a website for a large city vs a small town can be vast.  First, there is always going to be more competition in a large city like Los Angeles vs a small town like Bend Oregon.  One has millions of people and one has thousands.  Likewise there will be many more businesses all competing in an area of millions of people.  What does still work well though is to market to your keywords.  London Cleaners Los Angeles has included the keyword,"Los Angeles" in their URL which will help it to come up in the search engines.  In a smaller town there is bend plumbing, bend storage, bend carpet cleaning, and much more that all use keywords in their URL.  While this is a good thing to do good SEO will remind you that it is only 1 to 4% of the algorithm for the search engines.  In other words these websites have good content and SEO being done to get them to the first page.  A good URL is important but it isn't everything.  You can see that good SEO is much more that just a good domain name.

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