Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Websites That Work And Websites That Dont!

There are many different marketing styles out there when it comes to websites.  Some are good and produce results and some are bad and are a waste of time and money for the customer.  why have a  website when people who visit dont want to call or convert to a sale for the customer.  This can be the difference between the website making the business a lot of money or being a total bust.

Boss Plumbing is a decent site that can produce some results but Bend Concrete and bend drywall is even better.  It is better because there is a higher quality look to it with more custom features.  Everything is easy to navigate and if you were someone looking for concrete in your backyard I'm sure you would agree that you would give them a call.  Hollywood Plumbing on the other hand is a sad looking site that is probably a waste of time and money for that business owner.  There is not a lot of high quality content and it is difficult to read and navigate.  There is no reason for a customer to call on this website and I'm sure many people visit the site and immediately leave for various reasons.


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