Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Great Custom Home Builder Websites!

If you are going to put together a custom home builder website you better get some great photos.  This just isn't a regular home builder but a custom home builder.  Don't you agree that a custom home builder should have some custom photos of their custom home building projects?  Here are a few that have done well for their clients.
First,  this Bend Custom Home builder DC Graham Construction has a terrific website.  It appears that they have had a professional take some terrific pictures of their custom homes in Bend Oregon.  This is a pro site and if you are doing a custom home builder website do not skimp on the photos.
Here is another website that did not skimp on the photos.  Rosewood custom builders have an incredible website as well.  The photos become so important in a site like this.  If you are a custom builder and have second-grade photos who in their right mind would ever want to do business with you.


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