Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do Coupons Work On Websites?

Some websites have coupons and some don't but size does matter when it comes to coupons.  If a website has a coupon but it is too small to read or see then it usually doesn't do well.  If a website has  a coupon that is large enough to see with a compelling offer then it can do well.  Most coupons in the market are not compelling enough for it to be worth an action for the customer.  Having a 10.00 off your first service coupon like bend auto repair might not be enough for a consumer to respond to the offer which can make the coupon valueless.
Even the large coupon sites like Groupon can have a difficult time getting businesses to give away enough to make a coupon great.  It does Groupon and the business no good to have a coupon that is not powerful enough to attract a new customer.  This site for portland auto body has 50.00 to 100.00 off your deductible when you get your auto body work done with them.  That is enough money to pull in a new customer for sure.  Just make sure that before you start a coupon to look at coupon sites like Living Social and more to get ideas of what you think can be attractive and work well.


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